Lock Her Up : The War on Women.


2016-06-02_024252There is a war that is being fought that you are completely unaware of. A war in your mind and on your streets.  You are a combatant.

British Muslims are going through some hard times now.  Since 9/11, the Muslim is considered a threat. In ideology and the physical.  Humanity is stuck in the lower self, our tribalist nature flourishes in the workplace, on the TV, in the papers, in politics and most worryingly, in our day to day lives.  Sadly, it’s the women on the receiving end of anger, hate and ignorance. They are spat at, they have their clothes ripped off, they are kicked, punched, slapped, we make endless fun of the clothes they wear, we mock their lack of freedom and we are totally ambivalent when we see a mother and her young children in a refugee camp.  It’s a ground war, and it’s the women who are on the frontlines without weapons or reinforcements. The occupation of women’s freedom has no end in sight.  The War on Terror is war on the divine feminine, on women.  On all women. It’s a war on you and your humanity.  Muslim women are not the only victims, There is a more subtle war being fought all across the world.  It reaches all of our homes. Continue reading “Lock Her Up : The War on Women.”

Game of Thrones : The Door (5)


What better place to start my new blog than the analysis of a show and book I love. And sharing the world of the Pagan Celts. The purpose of this entry is to demonstrate the use of occult and esoteric knowledge within show-business. The more skeptical you are, the more likely you are to pass some of this as coincidence. Which is understandable, these ‘coincidences’ have always passed you by. But you should know that these coincidences, or synchronicities,   exist in other forms of media. With the same measure of abundance. I’ve picked the most recent episode to analyse, which is the 5th episode, of the 6th season. 55th episode over all. Numbers which are quite curious, which I’ll go into later. Continue reading “Game of Thrones : The Door (5)”

Mythology & Religion: What Are They?


Hi! I’m Grizzle!

I started a blog. Not sure what a blog is supposed to be. I’m just going to have a go and writing stuff down. I decided to do this for myself really. I’m not trying to appeal to anyone. So for anyone reading my stuff…Sorry if it seems strange. I don’t possess a broad vocabulary, I’m not articulate, and to top it up. I express myself very poorly…BUT! I think I have interesting things to say. I guess we all think that. Whatever, It’s true to me! Continue reading “Mythology & Religion: What Are They?”